Winning strategies for Sit and Go poker
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Winning strategies for Sit and Go poker

Sit and Go poker tournaments are hugely popular online and are running more or less continuously, with both one-table and multiple-table games available. Many people love them for their convenience as they start as soon as enough players are registered. You hardly ever have to wait to join a game, whatever time of day or night you check-in. And as they last for a set time, you’re not going to get stuck in a game for longer than you can afford to be.

Fast action

The other main attraction of sit and go poker is how fast-moving and exciting the games are, with blinds (forced bets) escalating rapidly. This means that, at the best NJ online casino, you can potentially win big in a short space of time. Welcome bonuses when you sign up can also help you to increase your initial stake.

Protect your chips

 The important thing to remember, however, is that with sit and go play, you have a finite amount of chips, and once they’re gone, you’re out of the game. There are no re-buys allowed, so the first and most important strategy is to protect your chips. Keep an eye on your stack size and manage your risks.

Early stages

 In the early stages of a game, keep your playing tight. While the blinds are still small, be prepared to fold weaker hands. There won’t be much in the pot just yet and it’s not worth risking your stack for such a modest amount. Avoid audacious bluffs and err on the side of caution, but don’t be afraid to go in aggressively with a strong hand. Building up your stack is just as important as protecting what you’ve got.

Middle stages

 This is when you should start playing more aggressively. You should still be prepared to fold weak hands but look out for potentially strong ones. In a sit and go game, you have to move fast and confidently, so if you’ve got a big pair, raise enough to double the pot and go for it. At this stage you should have enough chips to take a few risks and seize the moment.

Stay cool

 Always keep your emotions in check and play with your head, not your heart. Even at an online poker site, the other players will be trying to gauge your playing style – so don’t give anything away. If you find you’re short-stacked, don’t panic and start making wild moves; just tighten up your play and look for opportunities to build back up.

Final stages

 As you get towards the end game, when there are only a few players left around the table, push hard. Play to win, not just to survive. At this point, there’s not much room for strategy and the luck of the cards will decide the fate of many. But it’s better to burn out than fade away, so be prepared to risk all in a last-ditch bid for glory.

Different playing styles are appropriate for different stages of the game. Sit and Go demands a more aggressive approach than a cash game, but self-control is still paramount, and timing is everything.