Online roulette - list of available bonuses and best casinos

Online roulette – list of available bonuses and best casinos

Roulette is an authentic classic of casino games (and today, online roulette too). The suspense of watching the ball spin until it finally “chooses” a square makes a few seconds feel like minutes!

It is one of the most emblematic casino games, with several forms of gambling that can be learned and thought out, play by play. Knowing what to do greatly increases your chances of winning.

Types of roulette

There happens to be a lot of misperception and improper information regarding roulette games, mostly since people have the mistaken idea that it happens not to be possible planning a plan in advance. You might be able to and always should have a game plan, this exploits your winnings.

As with slot machines, roulette wheels are also varied and you can find different types in each country. Nowadays, for example, the game with two zeros is called American Roulette.

The differences are not just in the names. The wheel layouts and the preparation of the numbers differ as per the style of play.

And this is very important! Find out why.

European roulette

  • Always numbered 1 to 36
  • Half the houses use to be red and the rest black
  • The 37th box use to be a zero, typically marked in green and white;
  • This zero use to prevent your chances of hitting, either into black, or in red being 50%
  • The numbers alternate between red and black

American roulette

In addition to house 0, it has a 38th house which corresponds to 00

As a consequence, the casino’s benefit over you use to be greater, as there happens to be now two “null” spaces in favor of the house. Click here for info of in-house benefits.

French roulette:

The foremost difference of this version use to be the table, which use to have a different layout

You can bet on more than one number by placing your chips on the table line that divides the numbering of the squares

As it is already mentioned, it is better to always bet on the European versions of the game, instead of the American, as the house margin is smaller.